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Wedding Photography in Kensington, the Wider London Area, Across the UK & Internationally

This page primarily focuses on our wedding photography service. To view examples of the wedding trailers we produce through our videography service, please click here.

As one of the happiest days in anyone’s life, couples want to remember as much as possible from their wedding day. At Khurum Khan Productions, we provide wedding photography and videography services that perfectly capture the atmosphere of the day and the personalities of those involved. From photography packages to video production, or a combination of the two, we work in close conjunction with you to ensure we achieve everything you envisage from your special day. While wedding days can’t last forever, we help to preserve memories that will.

Based in London, Khurum Khan Productions is an owner-operated business led by award-winning filmmaker Khurum Khan. With more than 15 years in the industry, Khurum has earned a reputation for personalised, highly flexible photography services of exceptional quality. From central London locations such as Westminster and Kensington to ceremonies in Europe and around the world, we provide high-end wedding photography and video production in line with any request.

As a fully bespoke service, we structure our approach to suit the size of your wedding. For smaller ceremonies, Khurum can work alone. For larger wedding days, we can assemble a specialised team of experts in their various fields. Whichever approach we take, we use the latest Sony and Canon equipment, including drones, to ensure impeccable results.

This flexibility allows us to provide an all-in-one service if required, including wedding photography and filming as a package. Our video production service covers everything from pre-wedding shoots to wedding trailers.

Wedding Photography | Proven Results

Whether you plan to get married in Kensington, the wider London area or any other domestic or international location, Khurum Khan Productions consistently produces results that exceed expectations. As evidenced in our gallery, we combine the latest technology, time-served instincts and vast experience to truly capture a moment.

When it comes to wedding photography and videography services, we can operate in a relaxed way, capturing details, moments and candid shots. Likewise, we feel just as comfortable taking control of a situation that requires coordination, be it group photos or stunning portraits of the couple.

From standalone wedding photography to accompanying video production, we work tirelessly for the duration of our allocated time, ensuring we have as much material as possible to work with in the days to come.

Our team recognises that couples, family and friends want to see the wedding photographs as quickly as possible. As such, we always deliver our portfolios and video content in line with agreed-upon dates.

To schedule a one-to-one meeting to discuss options for your wedding photography services in Kensington, London, across the UK or any international location, please email Khurum Khan Productions at the address below.

To view examples of the result we achieve with our wedding videography service, including wedding trailers, please click here.

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